Frequent Asked Questions

  1. What is the hourly rate for nannies?

    To have a well qualified nanny with professional childcare experience the rate ranges between $18 and $25 hourly. It depends on how many children will be cared for, how long the nanny has had professional childcare experience and what your family is needing of the nanny; ie: household manager, deep cleaning etc.

  2. How long does it take to find the right nanny for our family?

    Permanent placements require a time frame of approximately 4-6 weeks in most cases. This will give us time to forward your job description to the nannies we have available and arrange interviews for you. In times of higher demand, or when special requirements are requested by the family, permanent placement may require additional time.

  3. Does a nanny expect benefits?

    While nannies would happily receive healthcare benefits from the families they work for, they do not expect to have them working as a nanny. However, their hourly wage is set at a higher rate due to the fact that they pay for their benefits themselves.

  4. We know we need to budget for taxes when paying our nanny but how can we find information on that?

    We will provide you with some helpful resources in our welcome packet you will receive when you sign up with our services.

  5. If our nanny gets sick or is unable to add hours to their regular schedule with us, can Haven provide us a sitter?

    Yes, we can! One of the added benefits of finding a nanny through us, is that we provide you with unlimited access to our sitter service the first year of hiring a nanny through us! All of our sitters have been thoroughly vetted, are cpr certified and have clean background checks. So you will not have to worry about finding a sitter when your nanny cannot be there.