Georgia Marcengill


With over 12 years of experience as a professional nanny, Georgia found herself connecting many nannies in her community with families looking for the perfect caregiver for their little ones. From this passion and a deep connection in the community, combined with the ever growing need for providing incredible nannies in the Nashville area, Haven Nanny was born. 

Haven Nanny quickly became an incredible resource for families and nannies with a focus on connecting each loving nanny with each family. 

"Nashville is filled with so many beautiful families and wonderful childcare professionals, and it just keeps growing! Working with Nashville's best is such an honor for me. We know if parents could they would spend every moment with their sweet children, but when they can't, a Haven Nanny can.

My passion is for kids of all ages to be in safe and loving arms so they can be allowed to grow and thrive. Our children are the future and my desire is to do my best to nurture and encourage these vibrant and curious little ones. To provide each of our families with the most well suited and caring childcare professional is my joy. I cannot wait to connect you with your next nanny or family! 

-Georgia Marcengill (Founder)



Zac Marcengill


In 2017, Georgia married Zac Marcengill, another Nashville entrepreneur. Together they now run and operate Haven Nanny and Audio Virtue Design (a recording studio design company). 

"Georgia's heart for the wellbeing of all children was one of many things that drew me to her. We believe that Haven Nannies are making a difference in every home and we have vowed to only represent the best, most loving and most caring nannies that apply. I'm honored to join Georgia in her passion to connect families with loving nannies." 

-Zac Marcengill (Operations)